A far off adventure and the desire to return

American cemetery in Normandy

The Cathedral in Reims, France

To get to this post has taken as much time as it took me to travel to Europe, but I finally made it on both counts.  For someone who likes to travel, it sure took me a long time to see the countries of some of my ancestors.  My passport has some new stamps in it and I have explored 5 new countries.  Our entire family went on our daughters class trip.  It was a World War II tour starting in Munich, Germany and ending in London, England.  In between were stops in Luxembourg, Belgium and France visiting battle sites, memorials and American cemeteries.  It was a whirlwind adventure in 10 days time.

Bullion, Belgium
Big Ben, London England

I was asked a question at dinner the other night if I could go back to anyplace I have visited again, where would that be.  I have thought about that a lot.  We do like to revisit places we have been.  Probably one reason is that we had such a good time there before we would love to “redo” that trip again.  Not the same way, new experiences, but we know where everything is.  So I answered this question with a stop we made on our recent trip to Europe….LONDON!  Our trip was fantastic, we got to see a lot of historic places, but didn’t get the quality time they deserve.  Munich was very cool to see, but just one small area, Bavaria.  Luxembourg was a quick drive through and worth a trip back.  Bastogne Belgium was quaint and worth a trip back too. 

 Now Paris would be my second place I want to go back to.  It was very beautiful but there was not enough time to soak in the Parisan ambience like sitting on the sidewalks sipping French wine.  It was London that capture my attention and desire to see more.  Was it because I could understand then residents?  Was it because we quickly breezed through churches and buildings that require time to fully appreciate them?  Probably.  London will be my first stop on a multi day two city visit, someday.

Baravia, Germany – The Fairytale castle
My family home…..lol

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