My other passion

From time to time I will deviate away from the cooking and talk about my other passion….Travel!

I started this as a separate page, but it wasn’t working out the way I wanted. So I guess you will have to bear with me a read a little on my love of travel.

I love to travel!  As a young kid my family would travel up and down the East Coast.  Not so much as a big family because of the age difference between me, the youngest,  and my oldest brother which is almost 16 years.  My next oldest sibling is my other brother who is 15 years older, then I have 2 sisters who are 14 and 9 years older.   So my earliest memories are traveling with my older sisters.

Probably the last family trip we took was over 40 some years ago when we headed to Florida for vacation.  Mom, Dad and my two older sisters in the Ford LTD station wagon.  Destination Tampa Florida and possibly a stop at the brand new amusement park, Disney World! I remember sleeping in the back of the station wagon, behind the back seat and in front of the luggage back there.  We traveled with a Trip-tik from AAA.  We started our trip at night a few days before Christmas after having dinner at a friends house and we made our first stop the next day in Orangeburg  S.C. That was after we stopped at South of the Border.

 I remember that I got the game sorry as a Christmas gift.  My sisters and I played it in the hotel room.  From Orangeburg South Carolina to Tampa the next day. We stayed one night in a hotel downtown before moving to the Hawaiian Village.   I remember eating at a Sambo’s and playing in the hotel rooms.  My mom says I was amazed that the bathroom had a telephone in it. 

I fondly remember sitting by the pool – they had two pools and we referred to them as the “Hot Pool and the Cool Pool”, we ate at the waffle house and enjoyed our time away.  For my parents it was a much needed rest.  They had the diner at this time and when you own a diner you are up early in the morning and get to bed late at night.  The one good things was they didn’t have far to go because we lived right above it. 
We never made it to Disney World.  We didn’t have hotel reservations made and the park had just opened.  The closet we could get was Gainesville where we spent another night before our trip back north. 
Travel brings great memories, brings family together and increases your knowledge.  We travel with our kids and it has been a great education for them.  They have been on the road since they were babies.  Aruba, Bahama’s, San Francisco, Arizona, Florida, Maryland, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Hawaii and even a cruise.  In just over a month we take our first trip to Europe.
So with travel comes adventures, new foods and new inspirations.    Looking forward to writing about our trips!  

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