Where’s Waldo, oops no, where’s Joanne?

Wondering what kitchen delights we have been preparing this week?  Well the answer is really nothing. Ok, maybe scrambled eggs and toast from our room here in Orlando, but nothing else.  That’s right, you guessed it.  We are on vacation!  A much needed one too.

Sitting this morning on our balcony in Orlando looking out over the “lake” towards the rising sun over one of the 9 pools at our resort.  Kids are still asleep.  It has been hot, sunny with an occasional brief rain shower.   Those showers come in the late afternoon, which is just about the time to come in from the sun and get ready for dinner.  
Dining this week has been very good.  We found PF Changs on Saturday, which was good and predictable.  Sunday we went to Wolfgang Puck’s dining room in Downtown Disney.  Our dinner was wonderful.  Butternut squash soup and spicy beef goulash, which was out of this world. Need to find that recipe. Monday was 11 hours at the Magic Kingdom which was nothing spectacular as far as eating goes, just a lot of fun. And last night we went to Brio Tuscan Grill.  A great italian meal all around the table.  
So now it is Wednesday morning and we are sitting on our balcony deciding what time to hit the outlets, what time to come back to the pool.  You know those really important decisions…..

Ok, not the best shot, but you get the picture!

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