We have a garden!

In our little suburban neighborhood we haves garden planted with  2 kinds of tomatoes, green bush beans, 3 different kinds of peppers growing along with fresh sage, rosemary, chives, oregano, thyme basil and cilantro.  It is a small little garden but brings us great fun watching our “crops” grow.  Our garden is planted along the western side of our house and runs from the front where the herbs are to the back corner where the peppers and tomatoes are.   From the road you really can’t see it, so it is a hidden treasure.  As the season continues along it will become more noticeable with the stakes going in to support the tomato plants, but who cares, we will have home grown fresh veggies.

Last year we didn’t plant our garden because the house was going to be painted.  By the time it was done and put back together it was too late to plant.  Even this year as hubby and the kids were prepping the garden by turning over the dirt, edging it, and adding some composted manure as fertilizer we found a few stray paint chips from last summers work.  

Stuck in the middle is where I planted the bean seeds and last night while I was watering them I saw little bean sprouts coming up through the dirt.  As I was counting them I was trying to remember just how many seeds I planted.  I believe it was about 3 rows full with about 10 seeds each. Ok, so not all of the plants were coming up yet, but I now knew the garden was coming to life.  And now I should think about my plans to keep Mr. Bunny away.  
Our tomato plants were “Early Girl” variety so by mid to late July this blog will be filled with recipes using tomatoes; salsa, roasted tomatoes, stuffed tomatoes.  Any other ideas or recipes I should try?  Send me some via the comments to this blog.

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