Weekday Stir Fry!

My hubby, who when I started this blog I referred to him as Valley Boy, but that really doesn’t stick so for now I will refer to him as the Hub, has been finding recipes on his twitter feeds. He found this particular one on http://www.FitnessRepublic.com for Orange Chicken Stir Fry, with a quick prep time and a 35 minute cooking time, perfect for a week night.  So hubby stopped at the store on his way home from work one night and we had dinner on the table in under 1 hour!  And it was very good!

(Pardon the shortness of this post.  Recovering from a nasty cold that I brought home from NYC.  And guess who is now starting to come down with it?  Sorry honey!)

Orange Chicken Stir Fry

Preparation method

Read more: http://www.fitnessrepublic.com/recipes/orange-chicken-stir-fry.html#ixzz2NjyS5rQ2

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