Italian, Southeast Asian, French and the BIG Birthday, Oh My!

New York, New York a helluva town, The Bronx is up and the Battery down!

Wow!  What a weekend in New York.  Our best friends invited us to New York City to Celebrate a BIG Birthday!  For us it was a wine and culinary adventure from Saturday’s Lunch at Osteria Al Doge to Tuesdays lunch back at Eately.  I have so many recipes to share with you, but I wanted to be more timely with this post. Also, my blog doesn’t have to be about the recipes and the dishes we make at home, but also about our culinary adventures outside our little suburban kitchen.

So meet our foodie friends!  Yes, the one with the glass of wine is the birthday girl.  This picture was from Eately, and if you have been to NYC lately haven’t stopped by Eately, shame on you!  What a great place.  It is a market, an Italian food and wine paradise.  Where else can you shop and walk around a gourmet store while drinking a glass of wine.   This was the stop on Sunday and back on Tuesday for lunch and exploring the many food “stands” Eatley has to offer.  The best part of Eatley is the center area where you can either stand up at these tall tables and order wine, cheeses seafood or meats like pancetta, speck, prosciutto or sit down at the bar area to relax and enjoy.  The service is wonderful and attentive.  And a shout out to Sal who got me to try a raw oyster.  (Thanks to the birthday girl as well.)  This place is amazing.  We even went back on Tuesday to purchase fresh pasta, homemade rustic olive bread, fresh meats and seafood plus have lunch before our journey home. .  They have espresso, gelato, chocolate, seafood, cheeses, produce, meats, aisles of pasta, wine, a couple of restaurants, etc…

Our adventure started on Saturday when we all enjoyed a great light lunch at Osteria al Doge on 44th Street.  The weekend continues with a great cocktail hour  at Bemelmans Bar in the Carlye Hotel, then a wonderful dinner at Basso 56 on 56th Street. Our host “Lance” treated us to a show at Caroline’s where he told the comedian  he didn’t work, he was retired.  We explored the many areas of Eately, enjoyed the Birthday Girl’s dinner at the Spice Market in the Meat Packing District on Sunday, had lunch at Balthazar in Soho and a pre-theater dinner at DB Modern on 44th Street on Monday.  Then back to Eately for shopping and our final lunch on Tuesday.

So, a toast to Nigella Dionne and her Big Birthday Celebration!  We are so glad we were a part of it. And to my wonderful husband, anytime you want to meet me at Gaby’s for a late night cocktail, I’m in!

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