Who Knew?

Who knew the wineries in Canada would be so beautiful and have some really nice wines?  Call me a wine snob, but I only thought NYS and California could produce such good wines in North America. 

Picture taken at Jackson Triggs Winery during our private tour

We went up to Niagara on the Lake for the weekend with our very close friends (High School Sweethearts on Left, Me and my Valley Boy on right).  This is something we have done for the last 21 years- take a wine trip together every fall.  It was a bit earlier this year because of the kids schedules and trying to find someone to keep an eye on them for the weekend.  Plus, our High School Sweethearts are heading to Italy in September for their 25th Wedding Anniversary Trip.  (We get to babysit their dog, Brady!)

We arrived in Niagara and heading straight to Jackson Triggs for our tasting appointment.  Had a wonderful tour with Sheba and tasted several wines throught the time there.  After the visit we heading to our Inn, The Harbour House Hotel.  Great location off the main street and very quiet.  Your room includes breakfast and a wine and cheese reception each afternoon.

Late that afternoon we explored this quaint little village and had a wonderful meal at Epicurean.  I had a lovely Caesar Salad and veal bolognese.  I followed the menu suggestion and had a merlot 2007 from Pillitteri Estate.  This was a shock to our friends because I always have a white wine.  Valley Boy and I ended our meal with a piece of pecan pie.

Our Saturday adventure started at 9:30 following breakfast at the Inn.  We rented bicycles to ride along the wine trail.  This is something new for hubby and me, but we were game.  We headed first to the local farmers market and picked up a loaf of olive bread and fresh cheese curds while our friends picked up pickled asparagus, asparagus chips and other assorted goodies.  Then off on our bikes again to stop at a few wineries.  We each picked up a bottle of wine at Inniskillan for our lunch and around 1 p.m. we stopped along the trail for a picnic. 

One of the highlights was a Steakhouse Onion cheese from Yancey’s Fancy!  Delicious!  We have to get more of this!  Bread, Cheese, Asparagus, wine and great friends! Music played from the ipod I brought along and the sunny was shining and nice a warm. It was a wonderful picnic lunch.
We estimated that we rode for about 20 miles, but later found out that it was more like 12 once our friends mapped out the rpute we took.  I like the 20 mile estimate myself.  What a great trip.

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