Hubby to the rescue!

Tired of eating from Quick Service Restaurants…  Hubby to the rescue!  Our last Lacrosse game of the season was last week and off I went after work to retrieve our darling daughter.  On my way I picked up my  84 year old mother, her cane and a lawn chair in case the field they were playing on was close to my car.  And it was, so Grandma got to see her granddaughter stand on the side lines.  (That is really all she does.  Coach does not play the second string.) And following the game Grandma proudly told darling granddaughter that she should be honored that Grandma made two of her games this year.  Too bad she sat the bench both time, but hey she got to see her. 

While all of this was taking place, hubby was mowing the lawn and putting a new recipe in the oven for a late family dinner.  There was a recipe booklet attached to our Better Homes and Gardens subscription renewal and he found this little treasure – Chicken Enchilada Pasta.

It was quite tasty and filling.  I guess when he saw the recipe he thought that it would take no time to prepare.  What he didn’t realize that it was really stuffed shells Mexican Style, so prep time was a bit longer than planned.

Everyone enjoyed it, except our little guy who picked out all of the peppers. The only bad part about it was not as tasty reheated.  So if you plan on making this…feed a crowd and eat it all!

So, one sport done for the season and one still in full swing.  Maybe a little more time for homemade dinners?

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