Picky eaters favorite dinner!

Do you every look at your children and say ” hmm, this one is just like me or that one is so totally my husband’?  Well, when it comes to eating I can definitely say that about my children.  My oldest is just like my husband.  Will try anything, great eater and adventurous.  My youngest is just like me – picky!  My mother would blame herself for my eating habits when I was little, because she said she kept me on baby food too long.  Go figure that out growing up in a Diner.  I am not a cold sandwich lover.  I wanted a hot lunch, soup preferred.  But I did like the good stuff.  Steak, Prime Rib, shrimp, scallops, you know the expensive stuff.  When I was little and we went out to a restaurant, no hot dog hamburg for me.  It was a steak or prime rib, baked potato.

Well my youngest is the same way.  We can not get him to eat a grilled cheese for anything.  He won’t eat a sandwich unless it is a sub from Subway.  But give him a plate of calamari and he thinks he is eating exotic!  Well today is his birthday and I owe him one of his favorite dinners. I found this recipe in Fine Cooking and thought, “He will never eat it!”  Was I wrong.  He loves it and asks for it.  I think that is what I will have to make for him this weekend.

Pork Scaloppine with Prosciutto, Sage & Caramelized Lemon

Happy Birthday my little man!

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